2023 Annual Awards Recipients

Posted by Kat Coatesworth on Oct 03 2023 at 10:39AM PDT

Time for a quick look back to celebrate the recipients of the Dolphins Annual Awards.

Congratulations Dolphins!

The winners of the Annual Awards are:

Most Improved Swimmers: Tyla McRoberts, Stella Kells & Maddi Vanderhart

Personal Best Achievement: Awards: Emily Sutton, Izzy Fisher & Katrina McClean

Most Outstanding Swimmer Awards: Lucy Comstock, Maya Balon, Anika Crawford & Malcolm Labonville

Perseverance & Industry Awards: Micah Vanderhart & Megan Snopek

Sportsmanship Awards: Bailey Blain & Kate Svendsen

Coach’s Choice Awards: Maclaren Mentz & Nathan Tan

Team Spirit Awards: Lily Neilson & Walker Neilson

2023 New Club Record Holders: Walker Neilson, Anika Crawford, Malcolm Labonville & Roxy Coatesworth

The top 10 Points Earners of the 2023 season were: Malcolm Labonville, Anika Crawford, Amelia Labonville, Katrina McClean, Nathan Tan, Salil Kumar, Micah Vanderhart, Tyla McRoberts, Maddison Vanderhart & Walker Neilson.

Thank you to all the members and families for being part of another wonderful season.


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